Are you ready to tell your story?

FREE Consultation -

Find out how writing services with Christine can help you get from idea to publication.

1 hour

Three Ps

Planning, Plotting, Preparing

An extended discussion of what makes your story special, and how best to tell it.


Developmental Manuscript Assessment

A full manuscript assessment of big picture opportunities including a writeup of suggestions/questions to move your writing process forward.

$10 per
1000 words

Line Edit

A line level edit to address word choice, sentence structure, voice, and clarity of storytelling.

$12 per
1000 words


A detailed edit to correct grammatical, typological, and definitive errors for a polished manuscript.

$12 per
1000 words

Self-Publishing School

Design, Printing, Distribution and Marketing. A heads to tails discussion of the ins and outs of creating and marketing your book.